Welcome To ThemasterOfarts

Thank you for visiting the Master of Arts platform,

We are an educational and project oriented Startup that specialise on robotics and IOT technologies, our impact is done through innovative projects we devellop everyday to impact our community . For this very reason we count on education as one of the key to the success of our vision.

If you are a high school student In subsaharan Africa ,and you wish to learn technology, we invite you to read our posts yet in the Blog and as you will provide us a feedback we’ll recommend Our online courses to you on the Tekzone platform, you can also access directly after billing.

If you are an entreprenor, our team will be glad to work with you on innovative solutions through
Workshops we provide for makers, you will be taught on how to Build embedded solutions, and you will be offered a discount for the electronics (assembly of your own PCB card).

Our Activities

We invest our time on training and Hardware design

We provide to High schools and their students relevant electronics for relevant teachings and for a higher level prototyping

We gather our Clients connected to our activities through quality litterature and online meetings

We offer Online classes to university students on the Tekzone platform where our classes are hosted and can be accesed after billing